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Fibaro Wall Plug Type G


Fibaro Wall Plug Type G

Fibaro Wall Plug Type G
Fibaro Wall Plug Type G
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Product details

Fibaro Wall Plug, with power metering feature, is an intelligent, ultimate plug & play, most sophisticated, extremely compact, remotely controlled outlet adapter. This highly functional wall plug can be applied wherever there is a need to control electrical devices of maximum 2.5 kW power output, while monitoring power consumption in a convenient and maintenance-free way. Crystal LED ring informs about the current load of the connected appliance by visually changing its color.

• Current and historical power consumption measuring
• Power consumption level visualization with the use of crystal, color changing, LED ring
• Controlled through other Fibaro devices or any Z-Wave controller
• Microprocessor controlled
• Smallest device of it's type.

Usage Scenarios:

1. Wall Plug automatically turns off broken devices to prevent a short circuit. The system will also send you a notification about broken appliances, so you can call the service before returning home.

2. Already on the way to work and you cannot remember if the iron was turned off before leaving? With Wall Plug you will never worry about things like this. With its help you can quickly turn the iron off from any place.

3. Wall Plug with its crystal LED ring emits a soft, pleasant light, which can replace a bedside lamp. It can be turned on permanently or activated when needed with a button on the casing.

4. Wall Plug will help you to locate the most energy-consuming devices in your home. Colour of the LED ring informs you about current power consumption of plugged device. Wall Plug also allows you to generate practical charts of energy usage for individual rooms or home appliances.

5. Wall Plug is tamper-resistant and safe for children. Now your child can explore the world safely.

6. Your children spend too much time in front of the video game console or TV? Wall Plug allows you to put a time limit on the use of these devices. Thanks to information about power consumption you can also check if your children are playing, when it is time to do their homework. The devices can be turned off remotely if necessary.

7. How much time does it take to fix a loose electrical outlet? There is no need to answer this question any more. Each Wall Plug is equipped with a special protective sticker that prevents the outlet from being pulled out of the wall.

8. Wall Plug may switch the devices into a stand-by mode when they are not being used. You decide after what time does it happen. Without any effort, unnecessary energy losses are limited and your electricity bills become lower.

9. Phone charger consumes power even when the plugged device is fully charged. Wall Plug automatically cuts the power off, immediately after charging of the device is finished.