author: TIM S. GROVER


Relentless- From Good to Great to Unstoppable

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ISBN: 9781476714202

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SAR 85

Clever Mini Board Books: Clever Baby features 9 books inside a sturdy gift package that looks like a giant book. Each mini book has a matching compartment, so toddlers know where to put the books when they're done. The books in this package include Emotions, Counting, Describing Things, Tastes, Opposites, Positions, Professions, Times of Day, and Shapes and Colors. These adorable, graspable basic concept books are fun to look at as well as play with, as toddlers will not only read along but will also stack, sort, count, and match the books. Perfect for little hands and growing minds! The colorful gift box features a magnetic closure and individual compartments to keep the 9mini books in place.Each mini book is shaped like a stackingblock, has rounded corners, and is created to withstand the wear and tear of a preschooler's active lifestyle.The books are perfect tools to help children develop hand-eye coordination, puzzle solving, and emotional intelligence.

ISBN: 9781476714202

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