author: Harry Judd


Get Fit Get Happy: A New Approach to Exercise That's Fun and Helps You Feel Great

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Get Fit, Get Happy isn't about just transforming the way you look.
It's about transforming the way you feel.

ISBN: 9781473686045

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SAR 116

The one thing that Harry has turned to time and time again to redress the balance in his life is fitness. Now, using a combination of exercise and dance, Harry makes the mood-boosting benefits of fitness accessible for everyone. Young or old, male or female, small or large, tall, short, thin, fat or somewhere in the middle: anyone will be inspired by Get Fit, Get Happy. Without any need for expensive kit or lots of time, Harry's approach is fun, fast, free.

Part memoir in which Harry tells the life lessons that he has learned, and part richly researched fitness plan to get you feeling more positive, Get Fit, Get Happy is a fitness revolution to help people find a little more happiness in their lives.

ISBN: 9781473686045

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