Terms and Conditions


  • Pay with Tamara Option is valid in all Virgin Mega Stores in Saudi Arabia.
  • Pay with Tamara is available for all Product Categories excluding Gift Cards.
  • Customers can split the invoice in 4 when they pay using Tamara.
  • The minimum invoice value is 200 SR, and maximum invoice value is 9,000 SR to be eligible to pay with Tamara.
  • Items bought with Tamara can’t be refunded in cash or gift cards, refund can be through Tamara only.
  • Virgin Mega Store return & exchange policy applies for items purchased via Tamara.
  • Virgin Mega Store will not have any obligations or liabilities for issues related to Accounts, Payments in Tamara App or Web. For all technical-related issues Please Contact Tamara.
  • Service fees will be applied when using Tamara, for details, please refer to the table below:


Invoice Value (SR) To Invoice Value (SR) From Charges (SR)
499 200 19
999 500 49
1999 1000 99
2999 2000 149
3999 3000 199
4999 4000 219
9000 5000 239


  • Service charges are refundable in case of full order cancellation / return, and non-refundable in case of partial cancellation / return.
  • Tamara payment option cannot be combined with any other payment option. In the case of choosing Tamara as a payment method, the invoice value must be fully paid using Tamara only.
  • Payment split might be on 4 non-equal splits based on the customer's credit history and credit score. You can contact Tamara for more information.
  • Customers must use the mobile number registered with Absher to complete the purchase using Tamara.
  • Customer must settle all overdue payments with Tamara.
  • Customers of Age 18 Years and older are Eligible to Pay with Tamara as follows:


Age Maximum Invoice Value Minimum Invoice Value Eligibility
Below 18 Years --- --- Not Eligible
18-21 Years 1,500 SR  200 SR  Eligible
Above 21 Years 9,000 SR  200 SR  Eligible


  • Virgin Mega Stores reserves the right to suspend, cancel or amend any of these terms and conditions at any time.
  • These special Terms and Conditions and its amendments from time to time shall be governed by the laws of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and subject exclusively jurisdiction of its Courts..