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We have various musical instruments online at Virgin Megastore KSA, including guitars, drums, pianos, orchestral and turntables. Our instruments are authentic and of high quality, including best sellers at great prices and superb offers.


Yamaha guitars are the most popular amongst other guitar brands such as Ibanez guitar, Fender guitar, Unistar, and many more. Browse through the prices for electric guitars on our website with numerous offers and deals. We have the best guitar for beginners and also for experienced guitarists.


The best drums can be found in our store online with tambourines, maracas, and fruit shakers, all of which are made of durable top-quality material. Our percussion drums are solid and work well for all levels of drummers. Our drums can help keep a steady beat on songs and make any music experience sensory adjusting the pace of the music.


Pianos are a popular instrument for breathing music. A lot more people are taking up piano classes now than ever before. Browse our store for pianos of various makes like Yamaha pianos, Casio pianos, Roland pianos, and various other makes! If you're looking for piano keyboards, you're at the right place as we also offer piano keyboard stands, which are selling out fast.

Browse Virgin Megastore KSA and enjoy our great deals and offers on the latest arrivals of musical instruments and their accessories! Buy our headphones with your musical instruments for optimum performance.